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An ode to nature.


Rum distilled with 16 natural botanicals, carefully selected following the alchemical doctrine of the four elements.


An unexpected intricacy of aromas will overwhelm you: notes of smooth vanilla, floral orange blossoms, delicate elderflowers and fresh limes. Let this unique taste captivate your senses.


Floral. Fruity. Fresh: An unexpected variety of aromas will overwhelm you.


Unfiltered and crafted in small batches. Rum & Botanicals, united.

MUNAKRA Botanical White

VAT Included

At the MUNAKRA Botanical White, Rum is distilled together with an alchemical selection of botanicals: lime, ginger, bergamot, elderflower, tonka beans, sloe berries, orange blossoms and cinnamon. The remaining 8 ingredients are the alchemist's secret and make this spirit gin what it is: fresh, floral & balanced.

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