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Immerse yourself in our exclusive Experimental Collection , where each bottle is a tribute to innovation. Embark on an extraordinary journey with this uncommon blend.  

In this Experimental Collection, limited to just 500 bottles, we journey into uncharted territories. The star of the show is a Barrique Blanc, specifically, an oak barrel previously filled with Chardonnay from the Dungel Winery in Leobersdorf, Lower Austria.

We rest the MUNAKRA Night Blossoms Dry Gin in this barrel for 45 days. The unique aromas of the barrel, evoking white fruits and nuts, impart an unparalleled complexity to the fruity and floral gin.

Finally, the barrel-rested Gin undergoes a Chardonnay infusion , which gives our Experimental Collection 2024 its distinctive mild and fresh signature and is reminiscent of aromas of apple and citrus 

This is the MUNAKRA Chardonnay Cask Rested Gin. Be ready for a tasting experience like no other.


VAT Included
  • Base Spirit: MUNAKRA Night Blossoms Dry Gin
  •  Ageing/Oxidation: 45 days, Ex-Chardonnay Barrel
  •  Infusion: Chardonnay Reserve from the Dungel Winery (Leobersdorf, Lower Austria)
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