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Munakra Vienna Premium Gin and Botanical Rum Botanicals and Snake
mu na kra


Anagram of the Latin word


The formula

The production of OUR gin and rum: Selected Botanicals & Secrets of Alchemy.

We make no secret of it: 100% natural. Exceptional blends of botanicals, pure spring water and a touch of magic give our spirits their unmistakable style and unique taste.

Munakra Vienna Premium Gin and Botanical Rum Botanicals

The botany

Each recipe is the result of months of experimentation. We use over 16 botanicals that are in perfect balance with each other.

Munakra Vienna Premium Gin and Botanical Rum Blue Snake

The muse

Learn more about the mysterious blue snake and how it was the inspiration behind our award-winning spirits.

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New methods and rare botanicals - innovation is one of our top priority. 

Our main focus is always to be 100% natural. Indeed, this is the core of our philosophy.

Focus on


partners & suppliers



Sustainably selected ingredients

Munakra Distillery Team

Sarah & Rene

Once upon a time there was a couple with a common passion: Gin.


After numerous evenings with gin & tonic, the demand for the juniper spirit increased. It quickly became clear: they needed their own Gin.


On a mild spring evening, the old, wood-heated copper still from Grandpa was fetched from the cellar and set up. Distilling has always been a tradition in the family.


To get wood for the first distilling-process, the two made their way to the woodshed - something mystical happened there.

Munakra Distillery Team



Sarah and René discovered a blue snake between the stacked wood. 

A moment later it disappeared.


After a short research it became clear: there exist no blue snakes on this continent.


This happening gave the couple an idea - the Gin should be as mysterious as the encounter with the animal.

Munakra Vienna Premium Gin and Botanical Rum Blue Snake
Munakra Vienna Premium Gin and Botanical Rum Botanicals and Black Snake

From now on the couple lived happily ever after,

because they have created their own juniper spirit, which is exceptionally balanced and turns every moment into a mysterious experience.



This was the birth of:

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Munakra Vienna Premium Gin and Botanical Rum Botanicals
Munakra Vienna Premium Gin and Botanical Rum Flowers Botanicals




Our products are mysterious.


The reason for this are mystical ingredients and doctrines of alchemy.


So every moment becomes a mysterious experience.


Our products are natural.


The secret recipes are based on 100% natural ingredients and 0% chemical additives.


The colors are also 100% natural and owed to the forces of nature. 


Our products are handmade.


Distilled by hand in a copper still,

the closure is tied by hand,

sealed by hand with wax,

labeled by hand.


It can't get any more handmade.

Munakra Stamp

The Method

Pure quality: our 150 liter copper still makes this possible. Handmade takes on a whole new meaning here, because the traditional pot still method is used for distilling.


Each bottle is filled, labeled, sealed, and numbered by hand - with particular emphasis on the sealing and numbering, making each bottle unique.

Through the manual numbering, you can identify from which "batch" or "cask" the spirit originates and which "bottle" you own from that batch.

All our products are refined with the purest spring water from Lower Austria. This ensures the perfect finish to our premium range.


Every bottle of MUNAKRA is unique - so cheers and let yourself be enchanted.

Munakra Distill
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