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Munakra Vienna Premium Gin and Botanical Rum Botanicals
Munakra Vienna Premium Gin and Botanical Rum Blue Snake

Gin and Rum distilled with Botanicals: the focus is on mystic and alchemy. MUNAKRA takes you on a mysterious journey.

Handmade spirits, produced by hand in Vienna. Our recipes are 100% natural and unique in taste.


Our three promises. Have a look into the world of MUNAKRA and let yourself be enchanted.

Munakra Vienna Premium Gin and Botanical Rum Botanicals

The story of The gin from Vienna.

A wooden shed & a blue snake: the birth of the MUNAKRA Distillery is based on a mystical story.

Based on ancient world secrets and 100% natural botanicals. MUNAKRA is the meeting point of modernity and old, botanical alchemy. An ode to nature.

Once upon a time there was a couple with a common passion: Gin. On a mild spring evening the old, wood heated copper still from Grandpa was fetched from the cellar and set up. To get wood for the distilling process, the two made their way to the woodshed - something mystical happened here.

Munakra Vienna Premium Gin and Botanical Rum Logo
Munakra Distillery

Is the color of the gin natural? Yes, the color in our products is 100% natural.

What is a Botanical Rum Based Spirit? It's nn innovative and unprecedented concept that unites the world of rum with the realm of botanicals. Here, 16 botanicals are distilled together with rum. Through the redistillation of the rum together with flowers, fruits and herbs, aromas are released that give this product an extraordinary freshness and complexity. According to EU food guidelines, the rum is therefore naturally flavoured, which is why it falls into the category of the "Rum Based Spirits". In all the rest of the world, it is classified as "Botanical Rum".

What is the difference between the Dry Gin and the Mystic Garden Dry Gin? MUNAKRA Mystic Garden Dry Gin differs in that it has a permanent pink color. In terms of taste, this does not differ from the "original" Dry Gin.

What is the ideal storage of Gin and Rum? Since our gin is naturally colored, storage has a major impact on color stability. For example, the color can fade over time due to excessive temperatures or storage in direct sunlight. In general, Gin and Rum is best stored in a dark and cool place to keep the aromaticity.

Munakra Vienna Premium Gin and Botanical Rum Botanicals
Munakra Vienna Premium Gin and Botanical Rum Cocktail

Gin Fizz, Gin Tonic Variations or Rum Cocktails?

We post drinks and cocktails from the mixology scene on our social media channels weekly!


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